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LemonadeLXP Releases new Financial Health and Wellness Course

The new courseware, "Financial Health and Wellness," educates individuals and organizations with vital knowledge and skills regarding financial well-being.

Hawley Kane Joins LemonadeLXP to Head Up Product Marketing

LemonadeLXP ads industry veteran to implement and lead product marketing.

LemonadeLXP Empowers HR and L&D Professionals with New Interpersonal Skills Courseware

LemonadeLXP, a digital growth platform for financial institutions and fintechs, announces the release of its latest soft skills courseware focusing on interpersonal skills

LemonadeLXP Launches Change Management Courseware For Financial Professionals

Content Exchange is a ready-made repository of engaging and effective game-based learning modules. LemonadeLXP customers can download these modules and either use them as-is or customize them to su...

LemonadeLXP Introduces Dynamic Certifications for Streamlined Learner Management

Dynamic Certifications usher in a new era of flexibility and efficiency for Learning and Development (L&D) professionals.

LemonadeLXP Launches Conflict Management Course Collection for Financial Professionals

This comprehensive collection is designed to provide financial institution professionals with the tools and techniques to manage conflicts efficiently and foster a harmonious work environment.

LemonadeLXP Launches Customer Identification Program Courseware For Enhanced Data Security at Financial Institutions

Equip your team with essential knowledge and CIP compliance expertise designed to safeguard consumer data and foster trust.

LemonadeLXP’s New AI Assistant Authors Game-Based Learning in Minutes

LemonadeLXP’s new generative AI assistant takes instant learning material authoring to the next level.

Empower Your Leadership with LemonadeLXP’s New E-Learning Course on Management Skills

Explore how LemonadeLXP empowers financial institutions to enhance their management skills through engaging educational content.

LemonadeLXP's Latest Course Collection is Elevating the Customer Experience for Financial Institutions

Empower Your Frontline Staff with Interactive Training for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Improve Financial Literacy with LemonadeLXP's Latest Course Collection

Discover how LemonadeLXP is empowering FI staff with engaging financial education.

Ace Banking Basics with LemonadeLXP's Latest Course Collection

Boost learning with game-based courses for the financial industry

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LemonadeLXP is a digital growth platform that helps FIs and fintechs quickly create effective training and support tools to grow their digital banking business and maximize the ROI on their technology investments.

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