LemonadeLXP Launches Change Management Courseware For Financial Professionals

LemonadeLXP, a digital growth platform for financial institutions and fintechs, is excited to announce the release of a new Change Management courseware collection via its Content Exchange.

The new course collection, "Change Management 101," is designed to equip banking professionals with essential knowledge and skills to overcome the complexities of organizational change and succeed in an ever-changing banking environment. 

"One of the challenges our customers face is keeping up with employee demand for engaging training content. Pre-built courseware on Content Exchange makes it much easier for training departments to stay ahead of the game" said John Findlay, CEO of LemonadeLXP. “Our new Change Management Courseware will enable practitioners to offer training that equips learners with the skills necessary to thrive in today's dynamic banking environment.”

Change Management 101 will help learners adapt to change, fostering a resilient and dynamic work environment by covering critical success factors, methodologies, and renowned models such as Kotter's Eight-Step Process. The course comprises seven comprehensive modules tailored to provide a strategic understanding of Change Management principles.

Highlights from the course include:

  • Change Management Success Factors: Explore the critical success factors contributing to effective change management initiatives.

  • Choosing a Change Management Methodology: Gain insights into selecting the most appropriate change management approach tailored to meet specific organizational requirements.

  • Kotter’s Eight-Step Process Leading to Change: Explore the eight-step process developed by expert John Kotter for leading and managing change effectively.

  • Evaluating Effectiveness: Assess the effectiveness of change management strategies and make informed adjustments for continuous improvement.

The new Change Management course is now available on LemonadeLXP’s Content Exchange.

LemonadeLXP’s Content Exchange is a library of ready-made courseware that LemonadeLXP customers can download into their respective instances for free. Content Exchange courseware can be used ‘as is’, or it can be customized to suit your organization.

About LemonadeLXP:

LemonadeLXP, a learning experience and digital adoption platform, is purpose-built for financial institutions.

The learning experience platform features rapid AI-authoring tools that help financial institutions quickly roll out microlearning, game-based learning, and tech training tools to get employees role-ready faster.

The digital adoption platform uses technology walkthroughs to support staff in the flow of work and digital customers on demand.

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About LemonadeLXP

LemonadeLXP is a digital growth platform that helps FIs and fintechs quickly create effective training and support tools to grow their digital banking business and maximize the ROI on their technology investments.

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