LemonadeLXP Introduces Dynamic Certifications for Streamlined Learner Management

LemonadeLXP, a leading digital growth provider for Financial Institutions (FIs) and fin techs, launches Dynamic Certifications, a feature that transforms how organizations manage and assign certifications within their learning management systems.

Managing certification start and end dates can be a challenge for L&D professionals. With Dynamic Certifications, we've made this process much easier. We've automated due dates, reducing administrative work and ensuring timely compliance for learners.

Dynamic Certifications ensure learners receive timely certifications aligned with their progress, engagement, and training needs.

Key Features of Dynamic Certifications:

1. Real-time Adaptability: Dynamic Certifications adapt to the learner's progress, providing a personalized and responsive certification process. Regardless of when a learner is assigned a certification, they will have the same amount of time to complete it.

2. Automation and Simplification: Streamline the certification assignment process with automated due dates that count down from a set number of days, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring timely compliance.

3. Individualized Learning Paths: Tailor certification timelines to each learner's needs by including a time limit for completion. Add relevant courses and a minimum passing grade to promote a more learner-centric and engaging experience, especially in the case of onboarding.

4. Enhanced Tracking and Reporting: Gain insights into learner progress with comprehensive tracking and reporting features, allowing organizations to monitor certification status effortlessly.

5. Seamless Integration: Dynamic Certifications seamlessly integrate with LemonadeLXP's existing learning management system, providing a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

"We are excited to introduce Dynamic Certifications," remarked John Findlay, CEO of LemonadeLXP. "This feature will allow L&D professionals to focus on improving learning outcomes rather than administrative tasks."

To demonstrate the power of Dynamic Certifications, LemonadeLXP has released a step-by-step walkthrough, available here, showcasing how organizations can leverage this feature to optimize their certification processes.

About LemonadeLXP

LemonadeLXP is a digital growth platform that helps FIs and fintechs quickly create effective training and support tools to grow their digital banking business and maximize the ROI on their technology investments.

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