Tennessee Credit Union League partners with LemonadeLXP to Help Credit Unions Upskill Remote and On-site Staff

OTTAWA, ON, Feb 1 2021— The Tennessee Credit Union League has partnered with LemonadeLXP, the learning experience and digital adoption platform for credit unions, to help its member organizations upskill staff and improve their member experiences.

Built specifically for financial institutions, LemonadeLXP uses a combination of game-based microlearning, technology walkthroughs, and role-play scenarios to create engaging learning experiences, and drives better learning outcomes for both on-site and remote staff. Using LemonadeLXP’s rapid authoring, credit unions can improve their learning experiences while saving time and money on content creation.

LemonadeLXP also offers a suite of ready-made training content designed specifically for financial institutions including DEI, digital, sales, member experience, and more. 

“The pandemic has made it difficult for our member credit unions to train their employees,” said TCUL’s Chief Revenue Officer, David Griffiths. “LemonadeLXP will help them replace in-person training with engaging and effective remote learning.”

In addition to its effective remote training experience, LemonadeLXP’s premium feature, Digital Academy, supports both staff and members as they migrate to digital banking. The Digital Academy is timely because credit unions need ways to deliver an exceptional experience for members who are switching digital channels to bank safely during the pandemic.

“We’re pretty excited about this partnership. We built LemonadeLXP specifically to help financial institutions tackle their remote training and digital adoption challenges and this partnership will help us support more credit unions faster,” said John Findlay, CEO of LemonadeLXP. “We know LemonadeLXP is the perfect solution for this moment in time. It’s highly effective for training on-site and remote staff, and the digital adoption platform helps support staff and members as they migrate to digital.”

About The Tennessee Credit Union League

The Tennessee Credit Union League was formed in 1934 as a 501 (c) (6) non-profit trade association for Tennessee credit unions. It is the mission of the League to promote and support the success and advancement of credit unions in meeting their service and structural goals. The League accomplishes its mission by:

  • Positively influencing the legislative and regulatory atmosphere for credit unions
  • Providing operating support through training, education, compliance information and assistance
  • Providing industry-specific research and communication support.

All Tennessee credit unions are eligible to join the Tennessee Credit Union League through the payment of annual dues. Branches of foreign credit unions headquartered in another state may also gain access to the services provided by the Tennessee Credit Union League if the credit union is a member in good standing of the state league in which they are headquartered.

About LemonadeLXP

LemonadeLXP is an award-winning learning experience and digital adoption platform for financial institutions.  

The learning experience transforms corporate training into addictive game-based microlearning. Unlike gamification platforms that slap game tactics onto existing training content, LemonadeLXP morphs the entire learning experience into games, so employees learn through play. Using a unique combination of serious games, product simulations, role-play scenarios, and powerful analytics, LemonadeLXP offers a refreshing approach to corporate training that upskills remote and on-site employees faster. 

The digital adoption platform, Digital Academy, supports branch, contact center, office staff, and customers as they migrate to digital channels. Digital Academy allows financial institutions to quickly author a branded, searchable, WCAG AA-compliant online hub with technology walkthroughs, app simulations, loan application guides, and videos — no developers needed. 

For more information, contact hello@lemonadelxp.com.

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About LemonadeLXP

LemonadeLXP is a digital growth platform that helps FIs and fintechs quickly create effective training and support tools to grow their digital banking business and maximize the ROI on their technology investments.

For more information, contact hello@lemonadelxp.com.

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