Scenario Authoring in Lemonade Gets an Intuitive Update

Ottawa ON — October 7, 2019

Lemonade announced today the release of a new editor interface that makes role-play authoring more intuitive. Conversations and answer paths can now be mapped visually with the click of a button, speeding up authoring and making it easier to update scenarios after publishing.

The new editor also gives content authors more control over scenarios, allowing them to customize everything from answer scoring to the facial reactions of characters. Learner responses can also be connected to more than one customer reaction, emulating unpredictable interactions to better prepare staff for the real world.

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The original editor interface gave authors a lot of flexibility, but it wasn’t easy to go back and edit once you’d published a role-play. This new editor is a lot more intuitive, and makes authoring scenarios a lot less time intensive.  Alexandre Lemaire, CTO Lemonade

Lemonade role-plays scenarios offer admins an easy way to add soft-skills training to their courses. Employees can practice new skills in a risk-free setting and get instant feedback on their responses. This builds their confidence and increases the likelihood they’ll apply those skills in retail situations.

Soft skills are an important part of training, but they’re tough to tackle with traditional eLearning. Lemonade role-play scenarios help you teach mission-critical skills like customer service or sales with any Lemonade course. And now, they’re easier than ever to create. John Findlay, CEO Lemonade

“For example, at financial institutions, it’s not enough for staff to just know about a product,” said Findlay.  “They also need to be able to spot opportunities to recommend those products to customers, allay concerns, and effectively convey product benefits. Role-play scenarios allow them to practice advocacy and cross-selling in a risk-free setting so they’re more confident in real-life customer situations.”

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