Lemonade Relaunches as Standalone SaaS Brand

OTTAWA ON, July 16 2019

Launchfire announced today the relaunch of their game-based training platform Lemonade as a standalone SaaS brand. Previously, Lemonade was offered as a product under the Launchfire brand.

It was time to create some separation between our two business offerings. Both Lemonade and our Promotions Agency have seen significant growth in the past few years, and we wanted to create some space to let each shine on their own. John Findlay, CEO

Relaunching Lemonade as a standalone SaaS brand was a key strategic goal for Launchfire in 2019. It was necessary for several reasons, including significant growth for both Lemonade and Launchfire’s Promotions Agency, to communicate clearly with the different people and businesses Launchfire and Lemonade serve, and to establish a strong identity with a clear value proposition for each brand. 

As part of the relaunch, a new website for Lemonade has been developed to better showcase the platform’s ability to build foundational knowledge, improve soft-skills, and reduce overall training time. 

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Figure 1. Lemonade's Booster Game helps increase engagement with training content.

Founded in 1999 as a digital promotions agency, Launchfire added building game-based training to its offering back in 2005.  As the training business grew the company saw an opportunity to build a SaaS platform that would help clients build game-based training programs faster and cheaper. Since 2017, Lemonade has been expanded to include six game-based learning modules, product simulations, role-play scenarios, course authoring, and in-depth analytics.

Lemonade’s not just helping us deliver training faster — it’s actually helping our clients upskill their employees faster. We’re pretty excited about it.  John Findlay, CEO

“Lemonade's edge lies in its complex mesh of science and games. We've carefully adopted best practices from cognitive psychology and learning science during its development, and it is continuously revised using real-world interactions. Watching learners interact with the platform has been an incredible experience, and we're only getting started!” said Alexandre Lemaire, CTO.

For 20 years, we've educated consumers using game-based promotions.  In hindsight, it was a natural transition to combine proven game tactics with learning science to derive this powerful learning platform, and the result is fantastic. We're pushing learning outcomes, metrics, and engagement to entirely new levels. Alexandre Lemaire, CTO

For more information about Lemonade, or to book a demo of the platform visit lemonadetraining.com 

About Launchfire

Established in 1999, Launchfire helps retailers, CPG companies, and financial institutions engage, educate, and motivate behaviour changes among their customers. We don't run sweepstakes to give away prizes; our promos are designed to drive business results — and our analytics portal ensures you can track the impact each promo has on key business results. For more information visit: launchfire.com

About Lemonade

Lemonade is an award-winning game-based training platform that helps organizations get employees job-ready faster. With a unique combination of game-based microlearning, product simulations, role-play scenarios, and powerful analytics, Lemonade offers a refreshing approach to corporate training that delivers better, measurable training in less time. For more information visit: lemonadetraining.com

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